Nixa Youth Triathlon

Graduate school has kept me from blogging, but that is all behind me now that I have completed my MSN.

Nixa Youth Triathlon was today, and it was our 2nd tri of the season.  We have a bunch going on this year, with 2 long vacations so we have scaled the tris back (a bit!).  The first tri of the year was Bryant Kids Triathlon, where the placements go 5 kids deep.  The girls got 3rd, 4th, and 5th place there and at Nixa today Marlee got 3rd and Evie got 3rd.  Nixa uses clumped age groups, 7-8, 9-10, etc.

Bryant Kids Triathlon 2017

The triathlon ages for the girls this year are: Evie, 10, Adelaide, 9 and Marlee, 7.  This means that they are all finally old enough to enter into USA Triathlon Nationals, held in August.  They are registered.  Nationals, even if you know your racer is not national top 5 material, is a great experience.  They usually have clinics and the kids learn a lot by just going.  In 2016, Evie went to a workshop on mounts/dismounts.  Wouldn’t you know, she was able to teach herself over this last year those skills on the back porch with lots of repetitions!

Evie, 10, utilizing a rolling mount at Nixa Youth Triathlon

It is certain to be a fun season!  Today’s race went well for all, but I was probably most impressed with Marlee, race age 7 (actual age 6!).  Last year, at this same race, it was an absolute struggle!  She had an older boy ride with her because her bike was, well, scary.  She crashed at least 3 times on the course last year and took forever coming back on the bike!  I’m pretty sure she had the slowest time last year.  This year, not the case.  3rd place.

Marlee, Nixa Youth Triathlon, 2017 3rd place

Addie is not to be outdone, and she is beginning to pick up on a rolling dismount, but not quite comfortable “threading the needle” like Evie, 10.

Next up:  Riding clipless in races (Evie) and different bikes for all–Evie to a 650, Addie a 24″ and Marlee I am undecided on.  She is big enough for a 24″ but doesn’t have terrific bike skills.  She will probably move to a 20″ road bike from her hybrid Islabikes Beinn.

Next race:  Red, White and Rockin’ kids Triathlon


2 thoughts on “Nixa Youth Triathlon

  1. Congratulations on finishing your certifications! Looking forward to following the extended reports on your sites. Really impressed with Marlee doing so much better on the bike from a year ago. I remember the description of the ride with the crashes, but hopefully that’s all behind her now. The swimming with the Crocs should pay off too. Now that I’ve got used to their not using clipless pedals, I’m I’mpressed you’re going to switch them over. What distances are they racing in their races for the S. B, & R now?


    1. They are all still doing the jr course (short course) , but Evie moves to long course next year, thay is why we are working on transitioning to clipless with Evie. Usually, distance on short course is 100y/3mi/1/2mile, but it can vary up to a mile run. Double thay for long course. Evie may do a super sprint this year in Eureka Springs with Roy. That’s like a 309m/10mi/2 mi.


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