Lapping for Logan

Logan would be a 9 year old male racer this year, if he had been able to race.  He was a couple months older than our eldest girl, but his life took a much different path than my children.  His story will forever impact our family, and my eldest daughter’s health, through the generosity of his mother, Melly.  This is Melly’s story of Logan and how our paths crossed back in 2008.  I am Lindsey.


“Never in a million years did I ever think I’d be doing a triathlon. Triathlons are for elite athletes that train hard, and look fit! That wasn’t me! However, here I was, toeing the line in 2013, after making a complete overhaul of my life. 5 years earlier, I met Lindsey, 5 years earlier, I had just lost my infant son to a very complicated and painful battle against a degenerative disease. Through the months and months of caring for my son Logan, at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital, I had collected an unspeakable amount of breast milk that I had hoped would reach my son’s tummy and help bring him back to life. Sadly for him, he was not able to receive this gift. After his passing, I began to look for a recipient who could store and use this volume of milk (at the time the NICU hospital was not equipped to handle this process). I turned to my friends at the La Leche League, who were able to pair me with a mother who was in need. Lindsey, at the time, was pregnant with her second child, and in need. This is a position I also found myself in, while pregnant with my 3rd child, and my 2nd was still an infant. I also received donor milk at that time. We briefly exchanged words, but I just have very little memory of life at that time. Our paths wouldn’t cross again until after I had decided to give endurance sports a try. After the loss of my son, the loss of a marriage, falling in love again and having not one, but two more children, I found myself tipping the scale nearing 300 pounds. My weight kept me from enjoying so many things I really wanted to experience, my weight also masked so much pain I had been holding onto. Also, during my pregnancies I had gained quite a lot of weight, coping with the fear of another loss. So after the birth of my 3rd child, I began to use endurance sports to find healing. Truth be told, what I really needed was a lot of healing. The rest of the weight issues, just sort of, worked itself out. I began to run, and I’d pour my heart into each run. As if each run was me deciding not to sit out on life anymore. Each one of my runs, was a run for the life Logan never got to have. I began to once again, feel connected to my son who I lost. I began to journey through the emotions with each step. Lindsey and I reconnected in 2013, while I was then volunteering for the same triathlon I had completed the year before (Trifest for MS). In this triathlon, her daughters were scheduled to compete. Little did I know, that her daughters were all triathletes! What a fun surprise! In addition, Lindsey works for the same hospital and NICU where my son had lived all those months. Lindsey would tell me of how on Logan’s birthday, her family would contribute to the hospital or in some way remember to honor his life. Lindsey and I have further connected, and I have watched with great joy, as her children race towards their goals and dreams! I have since gone on in my athletic adventure to lose 120 pounds, I placed 3rd in the USA Triathlon Athena National Championship in 2014, 2nd overall female at the 24 hours of Triathlon 2014, raced 70.3 events, and many others triathlons and running races. In addition I have had the privilege to mentor and coach women, who also need to find empowerment and healing through endurance sports. It is such a privilege to have the Droste team dedicate their race season to my son Logan. It gives this bereaved mother a chance to see her son’s life live on. This is such a precious gift, one that I deeply treasure. I look forward to seeing and hearing about their race season, and may Lapping for Logan be the best one yet! God speed!”

We have a lot yet to accomplish for Logan this season.

Our friend, Melly.  We will be cheering for you, as well!



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