Bryce Baca, Featured Young Triathlete

This begins our series of features on young triathletes around the country.

Meet Bryce!  You can follow Bryce on Instagram at: brycetriathlete11.


Name – Bryce Baca
Age – 13
Grade – 8th
Hometown – Denver, CO


Years Doing Tri – I am in my 6th season

Favorite Race This Season – Mini Mortals in Pueblo, CO.  This is a reverse tri, which is fun.  Plus, I have won the 12-15 female group the past two years.

Favorite Race Ever – In 2013, I raced in the Lifetime Tri in Omaha, NE.  It started raining, just as I finished the swim.  About a half mile before coming to T2, I crashed on the bike course.  I was hurting, scraped up and bleeding, but I still finished.  I ended up winning overall (males and females) Junior Division by less than 3 seconds.  Never give up!


Best Result this Season – This has been a rough season.  I was sick the first race of the year in Houston, so I didn’t perform as well as I know I could have.  I had a crash leaving T1 at Nationals.  Plus, it is my first season racing Junior Elite, which is the fastest 13-15 year old girls in the country.  I never make excuses, but it seems like something has happened at almost every race I have been to this year.  I did win Mini Mortals in Pueblo, CO.  I still have at least 4 more races this season, so I am hopeful I can get a couple more wins.

Favorite Medal – The HyVee Medals were awesome, but this series no longer exists.  Attached is a pic of my 2nd place medal from last year’s HyVee Omaha race.  The Rip Roar medals are also awesome!


Advice for a New Triathlete – Have fun and be safe!

Ways I Train – My trainer keeps things fun.  He is always coming up with crazy things.  I turned 13 on August 16th.  For my birthday, he made me run 13 miles.  My trainer is a pro triathlete, so he lets me train with him and other pros.  They are crazy fast, but I always learn so much, just by being around them.


Triathlon blooper/oops – I try to avoid these, as they are not normally funny, when they happen.  I have had several, but they are all learning experiences.  I was disqualified from a race where I took a wrong turn…no fun!  I have come into transition and had someone else’s bike in my transition spot.  Earlier this year, I almost left T1 without a helmet.  I normally race about 15-20 triathlons per year, all over the country.  Something crazy always happens during travel or at the race, but it is always fun!



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